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It’s been very hard for Representative BeGole to serve in the Michigan legislature while being part of a super minority with a yearlong vote history of mostly no votes, however, that doesn't tell the whole story.  Representative BeGole had been asking the tough questions every day and trying to work across the aisle during committee meetings and floor sessions offering amendments to improve legislation that affects not only our community but the whole state.  Policy like providing services to veterans, protecting children and seniors, improving education, protecting the unborn, safeguarding the second amendment and supporting agriculture and family farms. Whether it is introducing legislation from constituent requests or drawing on his law enforcement experience to improve the criminal justice system, he has been working hard for us. Unfortunately, the other side is trying to re-write over forty years of common-sense reforms while the economy is still in decline, prices continue to rise, the workforce dwindles, and the supply chain is still unreliable.   Representative BeGole will continue to fight reckless spending and oppose liberal social reforms because in times like these we need strong action and not just words.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Protecting Constitutional Rights and Election Integrity 

Many firearms bills that violate your constitutional rights under several amendments have recently been signed into law. Whether they will stand up in court has yet to be determined but Representative BeGole has worked tirelessly to educate and inform constituents about the upcoming changes. Just as troubling as legislation being passed that violates the constitution are recent changes to election law that go far beyond what voters supported in a ballot measure during the 2022 General Election.  Democracy cannot work if “We the People” have lost faith in the electoral process and legislation recently passed and signed into law will make it even easier for fraud.     



Imagine investing billions, literally and figuratively, in a future economy for Michigan based on electric vehicle batteries manufactured by Chinese companies and their imported labor and then installed in vehicles that don't work in cold weather and are being produced with a loss of over $50,000 per vehicle.  Representative BeGole  is strongly opposed to current efforts to not only allow Chinese companies to own land and build manufacturing plants but receive tax breaks and tax credits.  This is all too real, and he will work hard to prevent this kind of economic development not only in Michigan but in our community.   


Alternative Energy & Loss of Local Control

In an effort to be the leading state in climate change legislation was recently passed and signed into law to mandate that the current fragile energy grid use more solar and wind energy which is known to be more costly and unreliable.  As if raising your monthly energy bill isn’t enough, local control has been removed when it comes to the approval of constructing wind and solar farms.  Of course, this is necessary because legislation will require new solar farms that would completely cover Kalamazoo County which has 580 square miles or 371,000 acres. Imagine the footprint the size of a New England state in Michigan full of new wind farms.  Representative BeGole opposes this rushed and risky energy policy and encourages voters to research the upcoming statewide ballot proposal to restore local control.      

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