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Representative Brian BeGole

Dedication to Service

State Representative Brian BeGole comes from a family of public servants. His brother was a U.S. Customs Agent, his Uncle Lee, was Novi’s first police chief serving nearing 40 years, and his father, George, was an attorney for 34 years and a Judge in Shiawassee County’s 66th District Court for 16 years. His 32-year career in law enforcement work showcased a personal wish to be a public servant, not a politician. In his second term as Sheriff, he served as the Chairman of the Law Enforcement Officers Regional Training Commission along with being an Executive Board member of the Michigan Sheriffs Association. In his first term, representing the 71st House District in the Michigan Legislature, he currently serves as a member of the House Criminal Justice Committee, the House Local Government and Municipal Finance Committee, and the House Energy, Communications and Technology Committee.

Dedication to Family

Brian and his wife Tammy have their roots here in Shiawassee County, raising their children on BeGole family land in rural Antrim Township. His mother, Carol, still lives on the land, just down the road, in the 147-year-old brick farmhouse where Brian and his siblings grew up. His brother Bob keeps the BeGole farm running, and the family works to keep the buildings and grounds much like they would have been around the turn of the century. 


Dedication to Community

Being raised by a Shiawassee County Judge instilled in Brian a sense of pride for his community that is ever-present.  After graduating from the police academy, he came home to protect and serve his neighbors and to raise his family. After being on the road keeping Shiawassee County and its residents safe for over 32 years, he decided to take his knowledge and experience to Lansing, and this has quickly made him a sought-after voice in policy related to law enforcement, criminal justice, and school safety. He works hard every day to protect the constitutional rights of his constituents. When Brian is home he enjoys several hobbies, such as working on his barn using materials salvaged from old farms across the county, preserving our community's history and protecting its heritage.


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